Rolling Thunder Seeking Accounts from G8 and Ungdomshuset Protesters

The forthcoming issue of Rolling Thunder will include coverage of the struggles in Denmark over the eviction of the widely loved social center Ungdomshuset last winter and the protests against the annual meeting of the G8 in Germany earlier this month. In order to provide the most informed and nuanced coverage possible, we are appealing to the worldwide anarchist community for accounts from participants in these confrontations.

If you have been involved in either of these or can direct us to someone who has been (or simply to existing resources we can draw from), please email us at Please pass on this request to anyone who might be able to help. The privacy needs of anyone who contacts us will be respected, of course, though if you have concerns about this you might want to start a new email account on a public-access computer for the purposes of recounting your experiences.

Thanks in advance. We hope to do our part to make sure your experiences inspire and equip others around the world.